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The Literary Asylum is an inspiration. It is a place where poetry, short stories, and photography become art that is to be seen by all. The Literary Asylum is an online journal, meant to give artists (all you kooks out there) the opportunity to see their work published. It is to give the artist the opportunity to have a voice that will reach people across the world. It will be a safe haven for people that feel that the world might be too much at this moment. These stories and poems and pictures are purposed to give people hope during a harsh period in society. The hope that art is still being created, and can be created by anyone.

To submit a photograph, email: theliteraryasylum@gmail.com

To submit a poem or short story, use the email above or the submission page in this website. All material is subject to approval.

If you get published, show your friends and your family. Share this site so, together, we can spread a beacon of hope in this dark, unassured time.

Enjoy these beautiful works of art!